Application of Fire Certificate

Building owners or occupiers applying for a new Fire Certficate or renewing their Fire Certificate can submit their application online via this eService.


Please take note of the following:

    1.  Both the application form and payment must be completed for the issuance/renewal of the FC.     2.  You are required to attach the original scanned copies of the FC forms (FC Forms and Annexes, and FC Inspection Form if applicable).
    3.  Payment can be made via Credit/Debit Card, iBanking or GIRO.
    It may take you 10 minutes to complete this form.
  If you have any enquiries or encounter problems with this service, please contact:
  e-Service general enquiry
  Tel: 68481439
  LTA Muhammad s/o Ahamed Saif (Industrial & Residential Buildings)
  Tel:  68481411 or
  Ms Shamiah (Public Buildings)
  Tel:  68481421 or

Select your application as follows:

For First Application of Fire Certificate

FC Reference No.




E.g. FCP/I/1234/00 or FCP/ /1234/00

For Renewal of Fire Certificate